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Our Strengths

Thanks to our expertise and commitment to quality, we are the ideal partners to lead our clients towards success.

Competitiveness and Flexibility in Small and Medium Batches

The need to meet market demands and remain competitive has led us to identify small batch production as our strength. Die casting for small batches requires the same, if not greater, attention to detail as large scale production. That's why New Fusion employs specialized personnel and technologies that constantly monitor the process to optimize work and eliminate defects.

Insert Molding

We are capable of providing castings with comolded inserts. New Fusion has extensive experience in manually molding articles with inserts. When the characteristics of aluminum are not suitable for certain functions, it is possible to insert a different material at a specific point that meets the functional requirements. During the mold filling process, the molten aluminum completely encloses the insert, effectively becoming a single inseparable body.

Quality Management System

The molding process we implement is constantly monitored and subjected to continuous checks. This starts from purchasing raw materials from industry leading suppliers and ends with X-ray, dimensional, and surface inspections of the finished piece. Each article is equipped with its own product sheet detailing the characteristics and agreed upon work stages with the customer, as well as a production sheet with specific press setting parameters for the item. Structural checks of the piece are conducted at regular intervals during production through X-ray scanning to verify compactness.

Internal Maintenance Workshop

Every mold entrusted to us by the customer undergoes meticulous inspection to assess its condition. Through photos and reports, a document is drafted consolidating all information regarding the specific incoming equipment. We internally perform routine maintenance, from cleaning to general checks each time the mold is removed from the machine, interventions that extend the equipment's lifespan. In addition to routine cleaning and maintenance, we execute all internal interventions that reduce production downtime.

We Create Synergies

We have extensive experience in die casting and believe in synergies between companies. Through teamwork, we aim to help you achieve your production goals.

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